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Sort your waste
into the right bin

Our free-to-use app helps you become a recycling hero!

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See how to recycle in your local area

Just scan the barcode and Scrapp will show you how to sort your recycling into the right bin for your local rules.

So you can recycle confidently, save time, and live guilt-free!


Total number recycled so far by our community


Now have access to local recycling guidance

Pollution (CO2)

Equivalent emissions saved avoiding landfill

More than 80% of items are recycled incorrectly

We all want to do the right thing, but recycling instructions are often vague and inconsistent.

Our towns and cities waste millions each year dumping perfectly recyclable material in landfill.

The good news? We can do much better - and it's way easier than you might think!

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Let’s work together to end waste

We help businesses, cities, and campuses to adopt circular-economy solutions that protect the future of our planet

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Help your employees to recycle right

For Offices
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Get your Brand Scrapp Verified

For Brands
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Communicate your impact claims

For Retailers

With an impressive knowledge of behavioural science and a thirst for driving meaningful change, the Scrapp team is on a mission to educate and create continuous impact.

Michelle Carvill

Scrapp is a genuine GAMECHANGER. They have completely raised the bar in terms of recycling guidance - it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Stephen Murphy

As a small business owner I really appreciated the working process I had with Scrapp. They were understanding of my time and commitments and respected my input every step of the way.

Amanda Hackett
Co-owner Bonafide Low Waste Store

It’s transformative tech for good and it benefits everybody who uses it!

Ifty Nasir

So delighted to have had the opportunity to work with the fantastic Scrapp team. Scrapp quite simply makes recycling both EFFECTIVE and fun! They may have a huge impact "AT SCALE GLOBALLY". 

Lisa Lambie
Investor, Maroon Invest Global and Wharton Alumni Angels

As a packaging engineer, I often get asked, “Can this be recycled?” This question can stump even the experts. The Scrapp app is easy to use and provides just the right level of information.

Ben Colman
Founding Partner at ARNE.STUDIO

This is genius and demands to be made more widely available. Who knew your rubbish bin could be the epicentre of so much stress and anxiety?!

Angela Rawstorne
Sustainability @BOTTLETOP.ORG

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