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How does it work?

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See what’s accepted locally

Scrapp automatically saves your local recycling rules to give you the most up-to-date guidance


Discover verified, sustainable brands

Look out for the green tick - it means the information you’re seeing comes straight from one of our verified brand partners

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Plastic polllution

Fight plastic pollution, together

Each time you use the Scrapp App to recycle right, you also remove ocean-bound plastic


The #1 Recycling App

Scrapp helps thousands of people recycle right everyday

I love using this app! It really helps when it comes to know where to put rubbish 10/10


I've tried out a few recycling apps but none of them work as well as Scrapp does 🙌✨


Scrapp is a great app for new recyclers as well as people interested in learning more


I was already a pretty skilled recycler, but Scrapp proved I still had more to learn


A real eye opener into the world of recycling. Even well seasoned eco-warriors will be surprised!


I’ve used this app everyday since I downloaded it!!


I don’t consider myself the most expert recycler - but this app makes it fun! Love the concept.


Scrapp is easy to use and has helped me to ensure that I am recycling correctly.


Quite simply, this is what the world needs more of.


Join the recycling revolution today

Did we mention that it’s totally free?

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