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11 Practical Tips to Improve your Office Recycling Program

Dan Marek
August 28, 2023
4 minutes

Looking to level up your office recycling program? You're in the right place. We've put together this list of 11 actionable tips to help engage your employees and achieve your sustainability goals way sooner than you thought. Let's dive in.

How to improve your Office Recycling Program (follow these simple steps)

  • Tip #1: Location, Location, Location
  • Tip #2: Offer Recycling Education and Training
  • Tip #3: Invest in Clearer Bin Signage
  • Tip #4: Communicate Your Recycling Practices Regularly
  • Tip #5: Donate Unwanted Items
  • Tip #6: Recycle Printer Cartridges
  • Tip #7: Set Clear Recycling Goals
  • Tip #8 Ditch the Guesswork, Go Digital
  • Tip #9: Reward Your Team for Recycling Correctly
  • Tip #10: Make Recycling Fun!
  • Tip #11: Host Events to Celebrate Your Successes

Office Recycling Checklist

Stay on track with our free office recycling checklist.

Download Free Office Recycling Checklist (PDF)

Tip #1: Location, Location, Location

A simple bin audit can be a game-changer. If your bins are tucked away in corners or hidden behind doors, it's time for a change. Think about ditching those desk-side trash cans and opting for more centralized recycling hubs, as these can encourage more mindful waste sorting. And while you're at it, remember to add a spot for those organic food scraps.

Tip #2: Empower your team

Organize "lunch and learns", display engaging posters, and sprinkle recycling tips in your office newsletter. When employees understand the 'why' behind recycling, they're more likely to do it right.

Tip #3: Clear Bin Signage

Ever stood in front of a bin, coffee cup in hand, wondering, "Where does this go?" You're not alone. Luckily, clear signage can eliminate this guesswork. So jazz up your bins with intuitive icons, color codes, and straightforward text. And for that extra touch? Throw in some uplifting messages or playful illustrations. This can help make recycling feel less like a chore and more of a no-brainer!

Tip #4: Communication is Key

Appoint a few enthusiastic 'sustainability champions' to keep the momentum going and be a gentle reminder to their peers. And here's a pro tip: get the leadership team on board. When the top brass is talking trash, it sends a powerful message. So, whether it's in team meetings, newsletters, or water cooler chats, let recycling be a regular topic of conversation.

Tip #5: Trash to Treasure

Before you throw unwanted office items away, consider donating first! Whether it's that old printer that's been collecting dust or the office chairs that have seen better days, a local e-waste program or charity would likely be thrilled to have them. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also gives back to the community. And for a fun twist, why not host an office swap day? It's like a treasure hunt where everybody wins.

Tip #6: Cash for Printer Cartridges

Those empty printer cartridges? They're not destined for the trash. Brands like HP, Epson, and Canon offer recycling programs, with some even providing incentives for returns.

Tip #7: Set Recycling Goals

Goals drive action. Kick-off with a waste audit, set achievable targets, and then watch as your team rallies to meet, and even exceed them.

Tip #8: Ditch the Guesswork, Go Digital

Still tracking waste the old-school way? Time for an upgrade. At Scrapp, we're dedicated to making recycling a breeze. And we have a suite of digital tools proven to help Offices, Events and Venues. We've got you covered, from engaging recycling apps to recycling tablet stations and live waste tracking dashboards. Educate, motivate, and monitor your waste data seamlessly. The best part? Our tools are proven to slash contamination rates and boost recycling rates by a whopping 90%.

Tip #9: Make Recycling Rewarding

While doing the right thing is its own reward, a little extra motivation never hurts. With Scrapp, every correct recycling move your team makes brings you closer to a charitable donation (of your company's choice). So, with every bottle or paper tossed right, you're not just helping the planet, you're also giving back to the community.

Tip #10: Make Recycling Fun!

Spice things up with weekly challenges or friendly contests. Recognize those who have gone above and beyond or come up with innovative waste-reducing ideas. A healthy dash of competition can supercharge recycling rates.

Tip #11: Celebrate Your Success

Every milestone deserves recognition. Use Scrapp's dashboard to monitor progress. And when a significant goal is achieved? Perhaps an office celebration is in order.

Get in touch. We love talking trash!

Are you embarking on an office recycling journey? We're here to guide you. So, if you need further guidance, personalized strategies, or more details about our digital recycling tools, don't hesitate to reach out. We're committed to helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

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