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6 benefits of having a Smart Waste Program at work in 2023

Dan Marek
September 8, 2023
5 minutes

What are the benefits of recycling for businesses?

Here's something to think about: Roughly 70% of what we toss in office bins could be recycled. Yet, many businesses only manage to recycle about half. As more companies focus on green practices, there's a huge chance to cut down waste. So, why not create a smart recycling program at your workplace?

We've chatted about how to boost office recycling rates before. Now, let's look at why better recycling programs can be a big benefit for your business.

1. Simplify guidance to boost recycling rates

Recycling can be a head-scratcher. Different places have their unique set of rules. And offices? They sometimes have their own guidelines too. But when recycling is made clear and easy, more people get on board and do it right.

2. Elevate Your Business Image

People notice businesses that care:

  • 62% of shoppers expect companies to be green champions.
  • Over two-thirds of workers would rather be with a company that makes a positive impact.So, by championing the environment, you're setting your business apart in a good way.

3. Cut Costs, Not Corners

So you might be wondering: "How much money can businesses save by recycling?" Well here's a number: each year the UK alone throws out 40 million tonnes of commercial waste. We estimate this costs offices in the UK nearly £1 Billion in landfill fees each year! And as these fees keep rising, recycling can help businesses save quite a bit.

4. Stay on the right side of regulation 

In the UK, there's the Controlled Waste Regulations Act. It's a fancy name, but it means businesses have to manage waste responsibly. In some areas, recycling is not just a suggestion, it's the law. A good recycling plan ensures you won't run into legal problems.

5. Attract climate-concious customers

More people are choosing eco-friendly companies:

  • 59% appreciate businesses that are clear about their green efforts.
  • 91% favour businesses that commit to the environment.
  • Interestingly, a study found 66% would pay more for green products.Being eco-friendly can give your business a special edge in the market.

6. Achieve your sustainability Goals

Recycling isn't just about reducing waste; it's about making the planet better:

  • It can cut down harmful greenhouse gases by up to a whopping 95%.
  • A single tonne of recycled office paper can save more than 600kg of CO2 emissions (the equivalent of driving a car 3,243 kilometres).

How can Scrapp help?

Building out your recycling program is about more than just being "eco-friendly." It's a commitment to a waste-reducing strategy tailored for your business. Sure, it might sound like a big task at first, but the benefits are worth it - from saving money to enhancing your reputation and, most importantly, making a real difference for the planet.

Are you embarking on an office recycling journey? Our sustainability experts are here to guide you. So, if you need further guidance, personalized strategies, or more details about our digital recycling tools, don't hesitate to reach out. We're committed to helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

You can book a free 15-minute chat with our team here.

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