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We're delighted to welcome National Grid UK

Dan Marek
October 18, 2022
2 minutes

When Joe O'Loghlen (Energy and Sustainability Manager at National Grid), approached the Scrapp team seeking to boost their in-office recycling rates, we knew we had the ideal tool to help make a positive impact together.

We welcomed this opportunity to work closely with Joe and his team - to customise Scrapp's Separation Station to meet their requirements.

Here's what Joe had to say:

"With the use of Scrapp, we are able to engage with colleagues and drive the correct behaviours, therefore enabling us to reach our recycling goals"

"Within our National Grid offices, we have always struggled to push the correct behaviours when it comes to recycling. This wasn't helped by the pandemic and colleagues bringing in poor behaviours from home. Through research, we found that these poor behaviours stemmed from colleagues thinking that items which they could recycle at home could be recycled within the workplace (which isn't always the case)."

No more manual trash surveys

Before Scrapp's Separation Stations, whole teams had to spend countless hours manually hand-counting rubbish to survey data. With Scrapp's Separation Stations, all it takes is one person to see precisely what is and is not being recycled and where. The web dashboard connects seamlessly with each Separation Station across multiple offices. The dashboard also provides valuable CSR reporting and marketing insights such as total landfill and CO2e savings.

What's a Scrapp Separation Station?

An all-in-one tool to help businesses and organisations empower their teams (and customers) to recycle correctly. Ultimately we want people to feel good about recycling right, so we can work together towards zero-waste goals.

How does the Scrapp Separation Station work?

It works similarly to our award-winning mobile app, with a few extra powerful features. You can walk up to the station and scan your items to see how to recycle them based on local recycling rules. And for those everyday items without barcodes (such as coffee cups, food waste, and takeaway packaging), you can quickly tap on your item of choice within your very own recycling wiki.

To help motivate teams to get involved, Scrapp makes it easy to set up community goals, challenges and leaderboards. For example, your company pledges to make a contribution to your charity of choice once your team successfully recycles 100 items correctly. This helps to ensure that recycling right becomes a whole team effort and that we can make a genuinely positive impact together.

What's next?

We'll continue to work closely with our clients to understand their challenges so we can tailor our solutions to help them reach their Zero-waste goals - and we're looking forward to sharing the results with you!

In the meantime, please drop us a message if you'd like to chat about deploying Scrapp's Separation Stations at your office, venue, or event space. Oh, and as your reward for reading this far, we're giving away your first 3 months FREE - just include the code RECYCLEWEEK22 when you reach out to us 🤩♻️

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Article by
Dan Marek