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Partnering up to prevent ocean bound plastic

Evan Gwynne Davies
October 6, 2022
2 minutes

We've teamed up with Prevented Ocean Plastic (POP) to support forward-thinking brands seeking to reduce reliance on single-use plastic and enable conscious customers to recycle correctly. This means that each time someone recycles correctly with Scrapp, we work with POP to offset ocean-bound plastic. So far, together we have removed the equivalent of over 10,000 plastic bottles from polluting our oceans.

To celebrate our recent partnership and learn more about POP, we spoke with Ben Tingley, Commercial Lead.

Tell us about your work with Prevented Ocean Plastic

Prevented Ocean Plastic is a global recycling initiative that helps people earn their living and clean their coastlines. We tackle tricky areas like ocean-bound plastics and figure out how to do it (right). We then offer these solutions to the market while investing in and increasing the livelihoods of all those we work with along the way by implementing standards taken from the best practices we have learnt working with the global recyclers.

How did you come across Scrapp?

We were looking for a partner to help approach the consumer education aspect of our work (we are mostly focused on B2B), and we were lucky to come across such a diligent and ambitious group!

What positive impact does partnering with Scrapp have for you and your customers?

The most obvious positive impact for our branded customers is that they can give their customers a simple demonstration of how to dispose of packaging correctly. Aside from the clear environmental benefit, this has proven to grow those brands' brand loyalty' with their customer base as they understand how their product can be disposed of without feeling guilty.

Why did you want to partner with Scrapp?

We like to work with good people who work responsibly and ambitiously. Once we realised the obvious synergies, Scrapp was the partner of choice.

What are you most excited about within sustainability?

With the bottleneck on sourcing good quality feedstock starting to tighten and brands making ambitious commitments to reduce their impact, there will be a really serious need for domestic recycling to up its game. Scrapp is perfectly poised to be at the forefront of that. And we will be right there behind them.

What is your favourite song and why?

My Angel and Me by Beansy (on Spotify) because I'm very proud of my sister and will take any chance to shout about it!

Want to learn more about Prevented Ocean Plastic?

Visit their website here.

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Evan Gwynne Davies