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Scrapp x ethy: Helping Brands Waste Less

Mikey Pasciuto
February 24, 2023
6 minutes

Scrapp and ethy have joined forces to tackle the issue of packaging waste and make the world a cleaner and healthier place for everyone.

Through this partnership, both organizations are empowering brands and consumers to take action towards reducing waste and recycling correctly, improving ecosystems, biodiversity, and human health, while also reducing pollution and contributing to the fight against climate change. Let's take a closer look at what this partnership has to offer.

Brands: Stop the Flow of Plastic, Reduce Waste, and Make Recycling Easy

Scrapp and ethy are providing brands with the necessary capabilities, technology, and data they need to identify their packaging's recyclability and compostability. Here's how this partnership helps brands:

Material and Recycling Insights

Scrapp offers ethy members material and recycling insights to help brands identify sustainable alternatives and make better-informed packaging choices. This way, brands can implement procedures that make reuse and recycling easy for consumers.

Verification and Standards

The partnership also provides verification to help brands meet ethy's Recycled Packaging and Recyclable Packaging standards, as well as Home and Industrial Composting standards. Scrapp serves as an advisory body for ethy's Clean Planet Standards, helping brands take action on six core sustainability paths and work towards achieving the UN SDGs and the UK's national targets.

Discounted Subscription Fee

As part of their commitment to helping brands, ethy provides Scrapp's customers with a 15% discount on the full subscription fee. To get started, simply email Mikey Pasciuto (mikey@scrapprecycling.com) or Kaisa Kangro (kaisa@ethy.co.uk).

Consumers: Easily Find Sustainable Brands and Products

Scrapp and ethy's mission extends beyond brands, as they are also providing consumers with handy apps that clearly show verified sustainability claims and product recyclability from participating brands. These apps are completely free to use and are packed full of guides, tips, and inspiration for those seeking a more considerate lifestyle.

Transparency on Sustainable Brands

The goal of the apps is to provide full transparency on which brands are walking the talk and have proof-backed their sustainability claims with evidence. Consumers can easily identify sustainable brands and products, making it easier to make conscious choices that are kinder for the planet and their health.


The partnership between Scrapp and ethy is a powerful example of how collaboration can drive meaningful change. By providing brands and consumers with the necessary tools and information, they are empowering everyone to take action towards reducing waste and building a cleaner planet. Let's all join in the effort to make a positive impact on the world.

About ethy

ethy empowers brands and consumers to act for a more sustainable future by helping brands to build their sustainability story around the UN Sustainable Development Goals through ethy verification and consumer-friendly ecolabels.

Verified brands receive certification, a sustainability profile, and a set of clear ecolabels to use on websites, products, and marketing, so consumers can easily see what actions brands are taking to be more sustainable and tackle climate change. As a result, brands gain clear validation of their sustainability claims to create transparent, trusted relationships with their customers while taking a stance against greenwashing.

ethy’s holistic and transparent sustainability standards are developed in partnership with industry leaders such as ClimatePartner, Edinburgh Innovations, Carbon Neutral Britain, and Ecologi.

ethy is a diverse team of agile technology specialists, sustainability experts, and friendly client services champions that operate across various sectors, including travel, retail, health and beauty, wellness, food, drink, and fashion. ethy’s bespoke assessment and certification software and communications solutions help increase the effectiveness of client communications and reputation to reduce churn.

Having recently been called by the Financial Times as ‘Great tech for greener living,’ ethy’s consumer platform includes a ‘free-to-download and beautifully designed app’ to help ethy’s clients improve their brand awareness among the 10 000+ conscious shoppers across the UK.

To learn more, visit the ethy website, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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Mikey Pasciuto