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Scrapp is exhibiting at COP28 in Dubai

Dan Marek
November 15, 2023
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Scrapp is exhibiting at COP28 in Dubai

Scrapp is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 28). The conference will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) from November 30 to December 12, 2023. This significant event marks a pivotal moment for Scrapp, as we'll be showcasing our groundbreaking solutions in waste management and recycling on a global stage, contributing to the international dialogue on sustainability and environmental protection.

Scrapp at COP 28: Driving Global Change in Recycling

The World Bank's alarming statistic of over 2 billion tonnes of household waste generated annually underscores the urgent need for innovative and effective waste management solutions. Scrapp's presence at COP 28 is a testament to its commitment to addressing this global challenge through cutting-edge technology and community engagement.

About Scrapp

Founded on the principle of making recycling simple and accessible for everyone, Scrapp empowers individuals and organizations to make a positive environmental impact daily. The Scrapp mobile app is at the forefront of this mission, enabling users to scan product barcodes for instant, location-specific recycling guidance. This tool, combined with Scrapp's dedication to ethical data use and behavioral science, has transformed recycling into a more accessible and engaging activity.

Scrapp's Vision for a Sustainable Future

At COP 28, Scrapp will showcase its innovative solutions and share insights on enhancing recycling rates, reducing contamination, and transitioning to a circular economy. The event provides an unparalleled platform for Scrapp to collaborate with global leaders, policymakers, and environmental advocates, furthering its mission of fostering sustainable waste management practices worldwide.

A Word from Evan Gwynne Davies, CEO of Scrapp

"We are honored to be part of COP 28, a crucial gathering of the world's environmental leaders and changemakers," says Evan Gwynne Davies, CEO of Scrapp. "Our participation signifies a major step in our journey to reshape global recycling practices. We are excited to demonstrate how Scrapp's technology and community-focused approach can contribute to a more sustainable future. We believe that through collective effort and innovative solutions, we can make a significant impact on the planet."

Joining Hands for a Greener Tomorrow

Scrapp's involvement in COP 28 is more than just an opportunity to showcase its technology; it's a commitment to global environmental stewardship. By sharing its vision and solutions with the world, Scrapp aims to inspire action and collaboration towards a more sustainable and waste-resilient future.

For more information about Scrapp and its innovative recycling solutions, please visit Scrapp’s website.

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