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Scrapp Inc. Announces Seed investment round 🎉

Evan Gwynne Davies, CEO
July 28, 2022
3 minutes

Scrapp's Seed Round is now LIVE! And there isn't a more fitting time than the day after Earth overshoot day.

What is Scrapp?

Scrapp is a climate-tech startup founded back in 2019 and our mission is to empower individuals, businesses and communities to reduce global waste by recycling right. To power our tech for good, we've built the world's first global packaging and recycling database - and now we're ready to take Scrapp global.

⭐ We leverage ethical data to accelerate humanity's transition to a circular economy.

⭐ We directly tackle a $102 bn total addressable market across the USA, Canada and the UK.

⭐ We are patent-pending, post-revenue and have carved out a proven path to profitability.

Why now?

Since Scrapp's birth back in September 2019, we have pivoted 3 times, won 10 international business competitions and partnered with global organizations. We're honored to be supported by GS1 and Microsoft, and we are excited to be building more partnerships. It's this calibre of support which will be crucial in enabling Scrapp's rapid growth to meet the considerable market demand.

Scrapp already helps people to sort their waste correctly in over 500+ local authorities in the UK and US and can be implemented anywhere in the world with recycling infrastructure. We're also working with forward-thinking businesses (including B-corp brands) to transform the packaging and waste industries, for good.

Landfill space is drying up, and the cost of contaminated waste is rising rapidly. In response, authorities have been scrambling to enforce new environmental taxes and clamping down on greenwashing (such as the Plastic Tax and Green Claims Code). Scrapp helps businesses and brands meet this transition and protect the planet. Together, we will help bring a new perspective to the way we think about waste - we call it the "Recycling Revolution".

How Scrapp will become a Global Success

We are seeking impact investors looking to make a real difference. We welcome parties interested in supporting Scrapp as we become the go-to global resource for accurate, local recycling guidance - for individuals, communities and businesses.

We want you to join us by investing in Scrapp and be part of our success.

So, are you in?

For any investment-related queries, please reach out to

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Evan Gwynne Davies, CEO