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Use real-time data to reduce your waste footprint

The waste reduction platform for your entire operations, in one simple-to-use interface.

Trusted by some of the world's most reputable organizations

Manage, measure & meet your goals

Identify your zero-waste goals. Develop a concrete waste strategy. Save hours, quantify your impact, and meet your goals by digitizing your waste programs.

Organize your waste data

Keeping up with your suppliers and haulers is hard - let us help you with that. Integrate waste tracking across your entire operations, to stay on-top of your impact reporting.

Stay ahead of upcoming compliance

Regulations are always changing. Operations are always moving. Centralize your global waste programs to save you time, headaches and money.

Meet your zero-waste goals with Scrapp for Business features

Organize any waste stream

No waste stream goes untracked, with Scrapp's comprehensive database on all types of waste

Built in rewards programs

Incentivize positive behavior change with custom reward programs for your staff

Automated data management

Seamlessly integrate your waste into the Scrapp platform from multiple sources

Waste footprint tracking

Analyze your footprint across different areas of your business and see the impact in real-time

Learn more about correct practices

Gain access to our catalogue of onsite resources and educational content

Streamline compliance reporting

Choose from one of the available ESG and CSR frameworks to speed up your waste reporting

Shareable insights for your team

Communicate your impact using our share feature for your internal and external channels

Unique insights to visualize your data

Gain insights into your waste streams to build zero-waste strategies that are designed to last

Select package

Unsure with what is best for you? Reach out to one of our experts to help you choose the right package.

Get onboarded

Through our white-glove service, our data team and your account manager will help set you up for success.

Prepare to launch

After your 1-month onboarding, you are ready to go and to start telling the world about the strides you are making to be zero-waste.

Launch time

Start tracking your impact instantly. Reach out to our support team at any time to maiximize your impact.

Bolster your waste programs with our digital tools

Scan or search

Quickly see how to recycle by scanning the barcode or searching from your personalized recycling wiki.

Sort correctly

Access personalized and accurate recycling guidance whether at home, work, or on the move.

Celebrate progress

Take action towards achieving your low-waste goals, and inspire others by sharing your progress.

Simplify your waste sorting guidance

Customize your Separation Stations to match your existing bins as well as your brand’s look and feel.

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    Manage through one interface
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    Improve recycling education efforts
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    Keep program consistent across multiple buildings

Integrate your own deposit-return scheme

Create your own deposit system within your organization. Incentivize team members with drop off points for specific waste items and create a cleaner waste stream.

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    Integrated mobile app for team members
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    Improve company recycling efforts
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    Increase recycling rates and generate revenue from cleaner waste streams

Make recycling fun & rewarding

Increase recycling motivation by gamifying the experience for your teams

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    Update polls or causes any time
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    Set goals, leaderboards and challenges
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    1 scan = 1 ocean-bound plastic bottle saved

Eliminate manual surveys and audits

Your dashboard handles all of your waste reporting by automating onsite audits and surveys. Learn what is being recycled where, when and how.

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    Generate insights for your reports
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    Characterize your waste streams in real-time
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    Save time and money on waste research
"With the use of Scrapp, we are able to engage with colleagues and drive the correct behaviours, therefore enabling us to reach our recycling goals”
Joe O'Loghlen, Sustainability Manager at National Grid


Can’t find what you’re looking for here? Send us a message, or book in a call with one of our experts. We love to chat!

🎓 How can we make our positive impact go further (Sponsor a school)?

Each time someone recycles with Scrapp we automatically offset ocean-bound plastic. But for those looking to make an even bigger splash, you can purchase an educational license of Scrapp for Schools, to help teach kids at your local school about the circular economy. Simply let the team know when you have your demo call and they will explain more about the program.

💻 What is the Separation Station?

Our Separation Stations are esentially digital recycling posters that sit above the bins of your working environment. Anyone can walk up and scan or search the product to get the right guidance. You can build in custom reward programs, deposit return schemes, reuse programs and more. All the data is aggregated so you get live insight into what is being placed in your bins around your buildings, reducing the need for waste audits. One thing we are pleased to say: we only use refurbished tablets to power our Separation Station(s), bringing down the carbon footprint by up to 90% when compared to new!

💡 What if I don't own my own building?

This is a great question and it separates the good from the great. If you are looking to be proactive with your waste programs, but don't own the building, sometimes it is difficult to know exactly how you can minimize your footprint. This is okay! Scrapp for Business allows you to begin tracking the waste you are generating further up the supply chain, so you can gain tangible data metrics on how best to go zero-waste. With concrete data to show your building managers, you can truly move the needle by using our software.

🎨 How much customization do you offer?

You can think of Scrapp as your one-stop-shop for waste. While the front of it looks like Scrapp, the data that you put into is yours. You get to see in real-time how you can minimise your waste footprint. If your recycling rules change, you have new insights from your haulers - whatever it may be, we have you covered. Our fully integrated digital tools, such as our Separation Stations and Mobile App, include custom branding so your customers and staff can get familiar with the efforts you are making to be zero-waste.

💚 What’s the value to my organization?

Scrapp for Business provide value in a multitude of ways. Most importantly, is that it saves time and money. Our software integrates with existing procurement and hauler workflows, it effectively boils down your zero-waste programs in a way that is relatable and concise, it equips you with the data and knowledge to become a zero-waste champion and stand out from your competitors; all this, without breaking the bank. Station is a low-cost, high ROI investment that benefits both your community and office or venue environment.

Revolutionize your existing waste programs

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