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Communicate your impact claims

Discover how recyclable your products really our with our comprehensive audit

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Why invest in impact certification?

Our impact certification helps retailers celebrate sustainable products, so you can attract more climate conscious customers.

How to become Impact Certified?

Case Study

Hear from our sustainably certified retailers

As a small business owner I really appreciated the working process I had with Scrapp. They were understanding of my time and commitments and respected my input every step of the way.

Amanda Hackett
Co-owner Bonafide Low Waste Store
Low waste storefront

We got 2 major benefits from working with Scrapp on our impact certification.

We can now educate our customers more thoroughly and can know with certainty that our products are what they say they are. That is an amazing feeling for an owner of an eco shop.

I would highly recommend the Scrapp Impact Score Certification to any store owner and look forward to working and growing with Scrapp in the future. The information and education we received from them is priceless.

Amanda Hackett
Co-owner Bonafide Low Waste Store