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Minimize your waste footprint using unique data insights

Provide your customers and internal teams with the tools to reduce your waste footprint, across the board.

Verified impact claims, instantly

The data-tracking platform to understand your impact, communicate your claims and avoid greenwashing. Discover how sustainable your packaging really is with our comprehensive platform.

Organize your product data

Keeping up with your product lines is hard. Different markets, different packaging, different regulations; we hear you. Our platform streamlines your data to help you spend more time on the things that matter.

Discover sustainable packagers

Finding the right packaging is hard. Searching for sustainable packagers is time consuming. Discover sustainable packagers in our network, to give you peace of mind. Save yourself time, headaches and money.

Have your own waste program?

If you have your own recycling, compost or reuse program for your products, but need a way to get the message out to the masses, look no further.

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    Show your customers the right recycling guidance for your special programs through our mobile app
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    Provide customized guidance specific to your hard-to-recycle products
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    Update drop-off points in our maps feature any time and see who is engaging with them
Verified by Scrapp Brands

Get Brand Verified on Scrapp for FREE

Upload your product information to Scrapp and educate your customers on the correct disposal of your products. Get onboarded in days, not weeks, and build momentum on your sustainability campaigns. Show your decision-makers the business case for something like Scrapp.

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    Help your customers recycle correctly
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    Celebrate sustainable initiatives
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    Update your updates at any time

Meet your zero-waste goals with Scrapp for Brands & Retailers features

Organize any packaging type

No type of packaging is a stranger to our comprehensive database of packaging

Connect with sustainable packagers

Discover sustainable packaging alternatives to your products through Scrapp's marketplace

Design for zero-waste from day one

Optimize your packaging based on local recycling rules, before they get on store shelves

Waste footprint tracking

Analyze your footprint across different markets you service and see the impact in real-time

Learn more about correct practices

Gain access to our catalogue of online resources and educational content

Streamline compliance reporting

Choose from one of the available frameworks to speed up your packaging reporting

Built in rewards programs

Incentivize positive behavior change with bespoke reward programs for your customers

Unique insights to visualize your data

Gain insights into your product line impact to build zero-waste strategies that are designed to last

Case Study

Hear from our sustainably certified brands & retailers

As a small business owner I really appreciated the working process I had with Scrapp. They were understanding of my time and commitments and respected my input every step of the way.

Amanda Hackett
Co-owner Bonafide Low Waste Store
Low waste storefront

We got 2 major benefits from working with Scrapp on our impact certification.

We can now educate our customers more thoroughly and can know with certainty that our products are what they say they are. That is an amazing feeling for an owner of an eco shop.

I would highly recommend the Scrapp Impact Score Certification to any store owner and look forward to working and growing with Scrapp in the future. The information and education we received from them is priceless.

Amanda Hackett
Co-owner Bonafide Low Waste Store


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