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More than 80% of items are recycled incorrectly

We all want to do the right thing, but recycling instructions are often vague and inconsistent.

Our towns and cities waste millions each year dumping perfectly recyclable material in landfill.

The good news? We can do much better - and it's way easier than you might think!

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See what to do with waste near you

Just scan the barcode, or search the item, and Scrapp will show you how to sort your waste into the right bin.

So you can recycle confidently, save time, and live guilt-free!

How to sort your waste into the right bin where you live?

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See what’s accepted locally

Scrapp automatically saves your local waste rules to give you the most up-to-date guidance


Discover verified, sustainable brands

Look out for the green tick - it means the information you’re seeing comes straight from one of our verified brand partners


Fight plastic pollution, together

Each time you use the Scrapp App to recycle right, you also remove ocean-bound plastic


The #1 Recycling App

Scrapp helps thousands of people recycle right everyday

I love using this app! It really helps when it comes to know where to put rubbish 10/10


I've tried out a few recycling apps but none of them work as well as Scrapp does 🙌✨


Scrapp is a great app for new recyclers as well as people interested in learning more


I was already a pretty skilled recycler, but Scrapp proved I still had more to learn


A real eye opener into the world of recycling. Even well seasoned eco-warriors will be surprised!


I’ve used this app everyday since I downloaded it!!


I don’t consider myself the most expert recycler - but this app makes it fun! Love the concept.


Scrapp is easy to use and has helped me to ensure that I am recycling correctly.


Quite simply, this is what the world needs more of.


Join the recycling revolution today

Did we mention that it’s totally free?

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